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Scotland. It's much like hell, only with thicker accents and less teeth.

Ten feverously long days at Muir Island, looking at one of the world's premiere mutant research organizations being reduced to garbage. Doctor MacTaggert, it's unacceptable and without precedent. Thanks to efforts on both the Blair and Bush administrations, several different types of research tools used predominantly in mutagenic and genetic experimentation have found their way on to the 'controled list', meaning that only an accredited government research facility is allowed access to them. Obviously, Doctor MacTaggert was growing mutant terrorists to threaten NATO or some such nonsense. It would appear that most of our samples and research has been saved, yet still stopped, unable to be restarted without the proper equipment. While the mansion holds a great deal of said (now highly illegal, Charles) equipment, it cannot hold the research facilities and numbers required.

For the uninitiated, allow me to explain what this means. Until such time as we can either reverse the ruling, or grant government oversight into Muir Island, our most vital research is in most ways defunct. Imagine trying to perform an autopsy with a plastic knife, and you approach the limitations this places on us.

Really, when you think of it, what these 'leaders' are doing is ceding the initiative to research labs in the Middle East, Asia and South America. Perhaps I'm confused, but where those not countries that produced the terrorists so feared by those same politicians?

Moria, I will be in touch next month. I will try and arrange some kind of liasion work. Perhaps by taking on some contractor style work, we can regain access to some of the equipment. Otherwise, we're looking at extensive partnerships on the Pacific Rim and the Middle East. I assume that the conference in Kuwait is suddenly high priority. The Mandarin Bio-Technology Ring has heavily invested in the US through Stark Industries, which means we might be able to bring them into the fold. Perhaps Professor Farouk might have some contacts through the universities that we might pillage.

That was my unanticipated vacation. I do hope my lab is not overrun with cobwebs, ramen wrappers, and whatever that violently green soda that Ms Pryde seems to favour. I shall be detained for much of the next few weeks, taking a much larger workload of the more time crucial experiments from Muir in hand. If there is anything you require of me, I highly recommend you inform me with all alacrity.

--Dr N. Essex
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