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Our initial results look good. While we have found fraying along the upper registers, the overall matrix seems to be stable, which is the most important thing.

Memo: Contract General T. Ross about New Mexico facility. See if we can arrange some time with Banner's team on HSP90 mapping.

I had forgot ton what a unique environment the school system creates. I've been out of teaching for a number of years now, and the private research environment is very different. For one thing, I have yet to have a small child disassemble my pocket watch in a major lab.

Still, there are some advantages, mostly in the aspect of pressure. Charles' research facilities do have some limitations (and an apparent fierce competition for space), but are adequate for my specific needs. Save the odd incorporeal visit, it could be any lab in North America. However, it is hardly the research advantages that concern me.

It's the children. Normally, this would include some sort of impassioned plea for speedbumps or frontal lobotomies by parent groups. I am of less compassionate humour. No, it is the diverse mixture of mutation, so readily available and integrated. I wonder when the first crisis point will hit, say a power damper affecting a student in the midst of a transition, causing injury.

Documenting the staff and students have been slow, mostly due to my own research requirements, and also due to my winning personality. It would seem that I cut across the established grain of ethos in this school. Personally, I couldn't be more delighted, but it has limited the invitations for crumb cake and cappuccino. I'm so loathe to schedule actual consultations, but that might be needed.

Or, I could keep opinion muted.

Schedule it may be.

I wonder if there are any golf courses nearby. I do so love living up to stereotypes. Besides, it might be nice to get out into the open for a few hours. I missed the trip to the amusement park (in much the same way I missed Ebola: careful pre-planning and protective measures), but find myself somewhat unaware of the charms of Westchester. Tell me there is a meal to be had that is not served out of a clown's mouth in a paper sack.
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